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Olmi Defoliator 

for orchards and




The OLMI defoliator is a leaf removal system that uses air to shatter the leaves without damaging fruit, allowing greater light penetration to the fruiting area whether it be apples or grapes. The system provides: 

  • Effective leaf removal 

  • Increased crop commercial value 

  • Considerable savings on manual labour


For premium colouring results, use the OLMI defoliator in conjunction with our Reflective Matting.


  • Boost class 1 packout

  • Reduce labour hours and cost

  • Enhance colour intensity of fruit

  • Targeted removal of shading leaves

  • Efficient canopy management prior to harvest

  • Reduce excessive flowering during blossoming

Front pneumatic deleafer with 2 blowing heads, compressor, unit on the back of the tractor on the 3 point hitching, 5 hydraulic movements with electrohydraulic joystick, 30 degree frame tilting, cardan, indicated also for V-0trellis apple plantations.



  • Pulsating air cleans grapes, removes flowering residue & impurities

  • Improves penetration & efficacy of treatments

  • Improves ventilation

  • Prevents botrytis & sun burn



  • Reduce harvest labour hours by 30%

  • Eliminate moisture in fruiting area

  • Does not harm grapes

Rear mounted over row, double row leafer, 4 blowing heads (2x2) - work on 2 complete rows, pendulum frame, self centering guidance on the leaves wall, 6 hydraulic movements with electro hydraulic joystick, leaning wheels and skids, 30 degree frame tilting, cardan, hind 3 point hitching, with il cooler kit. High operational yield.

  • Why is Valente considered a leader in crop protection?
    Since 1967, the Valente family have refined their production and design technique to provide innovative solutions that will save you time and money. Starting out in Italy, the company is now reputable across the globe for robust crop protection systems that are tested and proven under harsh conditions. Unlike other companies, Valente Pali produce pre-stressed concrete and galvanized steel posts, anti-hail, windproof and sun-proof solutions so you can obtain all components in one place. Their vision is to support growers build a successful business. They understand complex needs when it comes to designing an efficient, safe, durable and effective structure.
  • What is the best rain and hail protection in Australia?
    When deciding to install crop protection, it is imperative that growers choose a robust and tested system that will stand-up to the harshest conditions. It must be safe, durable and affordable. Experience, design expertise and top quality materials are also essential for a good result. Valente Pali certainly ticks all of these boxes and is arguably the leading crop protection product in Australia. Valente Pali receive endorsement from fifth generation growers Chris and Alex Turnbull who have experienced devastating losses during storms and consequently explored many corners of the globe in search of a product to mitigate weather damage.
  • Do I need to protect my crops?
    Crop protection is the smartest way to cultivate valuable produce. By choosing to invest in a crop protection system, you are choosing to invest in your business and reduce the risks that are out of your control. Most growers who have faced crop loss due to storms prior to harvest go on to cover their crops for future years. Research is also showing that sunburn will become a major factor during the next 10-20 years and that growing class 1 fruit will depend on anti-sun netting.
  • What does it cost to cover my orchard and what is the return on investment?
    The answer to this is not straight forward because there are so many factors to consider. Please do get in touch to have a conversation about your unique needs so that we can give you a more accurate indication of a cost structure that would deliver an efficient solution.
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