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Steel structure growing system

Types of Steel Trellis 

Vertical double row trellis system - mimics all the benefits of Tatura trellis. This system maximises space for high tree density.  


Single row trellis system – suits trees grown with a central and multi leader training method on a single plain.


Fully optioned, galvanised, strong steel framework comprising:

• Steel trellis

• Steel structure to support netting or raincover

• Customisable to suit the individual’s requirements.

About Steel Structures 

The steel structure can support a raincover or netting. The trellis and netting / raincover are part of the same structure.

Steel structures can be retrofitted to existing orchards to support netting or raincover. The steel growing system can be used for new plantings and is designed to be installed by the grower. 

Installing a steel system will provide rapid and immediate benefits for the grower. It is efficient and simple for the grower to install which cuts set-up costs. The structure is resilient and can withstand unpredictable, high-impact weather conditions such as heavy rain, hail, wind and storms.